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IndiaMART data breached

IndiaMART, India’s largest online B2B marketplace for business products and services with 10 million downloads suffered a breach. Sensitive data of more than 40,000 suppliers is believed to be leaked and sold on online forums. Information leaked include suppliers’ user IDs, full names,...
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Foodora Data Breach

Foodora, a brand of online food delivery service Delivery Hero has suffered a data breach. Exposing the user account details of 727,000 customers in the following 14 countries: United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Germany, Spain, France, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong,...
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Massive campaign against WordPress websites

In a massive attack on WordPress sites hackers tried to download configuration files by attacking old vulnerabilities in unpatched plugins to steal database credentials. To take over databases, old exploits were used to download or export wp-config.php files from unpatched websites, extract database...
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