Covid-19 Testing Centre in Czech Republic Struck by Cyberattack

Brno university hospital in Czech Republic, hit by cyberattack due to which all the systems were shut down causing disturbance in operations in the middle of a COVID-19 outbreak. Local media stated that due to variety of security violations and suspension of essential surgeries, the hospital decided to re-route critical patients to nearby St. Anne’s University Hospital. 

Mr. Plesu (CEO of computer security service OutThink) said that security team must be careful as the risk is high. And should understand the hackers seek to take benefit of weaknesses, to get a chance to attack. He advised all the security teams of healthcare sector of every country to be careful in order to avoid attacks.

Not only this, but Mr. Plesu also said that ‘Emergency protocols should be set in place and appreciable security systems should be used, especially for staff that bears a high risk or has access to crucial systems and patient health records.’ It’s a good idea for hospitals to have emergency backup systems in place that ensure operational continuity for both databases and infrastructure in case of cyber-attacks.

Hospital officers did not reveal the full impact of the attack.  But the staff have been asked not to use their computers. The Czech National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), Czech police (NCOZ) and hospital’s IT staff are working together on-site to recover the hospital’s IT network.