Foodora Data Breach

Foodora, a brand of online food delivery service Delivery Hero has suffered a data breach. Exposing the user account details of 727,000 customers in the following 14 countries: United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Germany, Spain, France, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Australia.

Information exposed in the incident included names, addresses, phone numbers, and hashed passwords.

Delivery Hero in a statement mentioned that exposed information dated back several years. “Unfortunately, we can confirm that a data breach has been identified concerning personal data dating back to 2016,”. “The data originates from some countries across our current and previous markets.

“While there was no financial data leak, the leak contained customer’s latitude and longitude coordinates to six decimal points, which is accurate to within just a few inches.

The company is not sure how the breach occurred and did not confirm the number of accounts affected, saying “we are still in the process of investigation and that the “relevant authorities” have been informed of the data breach. 

A spokesperson said “started a thorough internal investigation” and “working closely with our security and data protection teams, as well as local authorities, to identify what caused the breach and inform the affected parties.”