Popular Whatsapp mod is infected with Triada Malware

Some users feel that the official WhatsApp application is limited in terms of customization and other features. So they turn to customized WhatsApp applications that provide the functionality that they want, unaware of the cybersecurity risks that come with these versions.

FMWhatsapp, a popular Whatsapp mod, was discovered to be infected with the Triada malware. APKPure was previously discovered to propagate Triada.

As the programme delivers on its promises, it becomes more difficult for users to spot possible risks.

Infected version  

  • 16.80.0 

Triada collects information about the victim’s mobile phone before installing trojans on the device. These Trojans can activate ads, subscribe to paid services, and collect confirmation messages through the WhatsApp account. 

How to protect your devices from such malware?

  • Download applications only from trusted sources
  • Do not download anything from unknown sources
  • Use antivirus applications
  • Examine all of the permissions before granting them