Security vulnerabilities and threats in short-range radio technology devices

Cyber attacks nowadays have advanced to a great extent in attacking several devices using different kinds of techniques. In the latest 2021 research, it is found that Bluetooth Impersonation Attacks a.k.a BIAS has been clutched up for cyber-attacks.

Intruders are able to break through Bluetooth paired devices due to intrinsic flaws in Bluetooth security. A total of 6 vulnerabilities that are termed CV-2020-26555 through CVE-2020-26560 were revealed by the researchers at ANSSI, a french government security agency.

Additionally, the vulnerability CVE-2020-26557 opens the door to potential manipulator-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks due to predictable AuthValue in Bluetooth Mesh Provisioning. In simple words, an attacker can penetrate two Bluetooth paired devices without knowing the temporary confirmation pairing key.

Neil Peacock, joint founder of Blok Cyber Security sums up the issue that “The cybersecurity threat to Bluetooth should not be underestimated and we should all take steps to protect ourselves before hackers steal confidential information”

Stay safe with the following simple steps:

  • Turn off your Bluetooth when not in use
  • Try using VPN which helps to an extent from cyber attacks
  • Careful while using public Wi-Fi networks
  • And update your Applications regularly