Windows 11 is here with top security features

Microsoft is all set to launch its very latest Windows 11 operating system. Security specialists reviews term windows 11 as a solid upgrade of both User interface & security capabilities on the recent OS sneak peek released by Microsoft.

Some of the experts say that Microsoft’s initiative to put extra security standards on the hardware is a positive move. But this might be a problem for companies that are running on older versions and will need to upgrade to the latest version.

Mike Fleck, Senior Director at Cyren shared his review as “Much of the security will be offloaded to dedicated hardware, aka the TPM [chip]. Its job is to perform more robust encryption to secure Windows Hello, PINs, encrypt passwords and enable advanced features like Windows Defender System Guard,”

Microsoft also promises that it will have default key security features which include hardware-based isolation, malware detection & prevention which will always be on by default.