The Covid19 vaccine scam

Online scammers are adopting new scams that leave no room for doubt. Scams related to Covid-19 have always been active since the start of this pandemic. The previous scam was in connection with the registration of the Covid vaccine. 

The latest of the online scams surrounding Covid19 is the vaccine scam. Many people may have lost money in their account by the time they realize that the messages asking for details about the Covid vaccine are fraudulent. 

The vaccination scam

This time, it begins with a message inquiring about your Covid 19 vaccination status or whether you have been vaccinated against the Covid 19.  If you reply to this message, an OTP will be delivered to your phone and you will be required to send it back. By that time, your money will be lost from your bank account. 

How to defend?

  • Cyber attackers use many methods for collecting the victims’ information. One way to prevent this is to set up two-factor authentication for all email and bank account information. 
  • Another approach to avoid this is to stay away from public Wi-Fi hotspots like train stations and shopping malls. Hackers have used free Wi-Fi hotspots to obtain data in many cases.
  • For any reason, do not reveal your account password, ATM PIN, or OTP number to anyone over the phone. Customers are continually being warned by banks not to provide OTP and PIN numbers, even if they are requested by the bank.
  • If you get such messages or phone calls, report to the cyber cell immediately.