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Zero-day vulnerability in Razer Devices

Razer is a prominent computer peripheral manufacturer with expertise in gaming mice and keyboard devices which are used globally by more than 100 thousand customers. Jonhat, a well-known security researcher identified a zero-day vulnerability in the razor synapse plug and play configuration, which h...
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Accenture; the latest victim of Ransomware

You might have heard of LockBit, a cybercriminal gang, emerged on the landscape in September 2019, and in June 2021. Lockbit is again in the limelight as LockBit 2.0 with an advanced feature to automatically encrypt devices on a network. Their previous victims were The Press Trust of India and the U...
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Telegram; Hotseat for threat actors

Telegram is a worldwide application used for broadcasting messages to a large group of people. What happens if a Trojan is spread through the telegram. Recently AT& Alien Labs discovered a new Trojan named “FatalRAT”. It has entered the frame, spreading the malware through software downloads...
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