T-Mobile Hacked –Employee Emails and Credentials Accessed

Telecom giant T-Mobile’s cybersecurity team discovered a sophisticated cyber-attack on the email accounts of some of its employees. This is a not the first data breach at T-Mobile, revealing personal data of employees and customers.

It is not revealed how the attack happened. T- Mobile is in process of informing its customers about sophisticated attack that they newly recognized and immediately shut down.

The company has announced that there was an attack by email that let in some ill-disposed players and influenced some of customers account information. They confirmed the information leaked does not include financial information such as credit card and Social Security numbers. Leaked information contains: 

  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Account Numbers
  • Rate plans and features
  • Billing information

T-Mobile initiated investigation, with support from cybersecurity forensics specialists to determine how the attack happened and the amount of information moved.

The matter is reported to federal law enforcement. The company says they regret that this conflict happened. They consider the security of information seriously. Though they have several safeguards in position to guard customer information against unauthorized access, they are committed to further improve the security.