Beware of Phishing

A security firm recently detected a 974 percent increase in social-engineering frauds including enticing materials, which are typically focused towards male-sounding names within an agency.

For added shock value, the suggestive emails are now being sent to folks at work as follows:

  • Typically, attackers use the recipient’s name in such emails to entice or intimidate them into clicking on the advertisement. Dynamite phishing is the name for this technique.
  • The purpose of such emails is to frighten or put receivers in an emotional state where they are unable to make rational decisions. They do not always feature explicit material.
  • Scammers also utilise an email pass-through technique to track their victims. When a person clicks on a link inside an email, their email address is automatically transmitted to the connected site.
  • The malicious URLs are designed to accomplish three things: download malware, redirect visitors to a bogus dating site where payment information is stolen, or track visitors for a future attack.

Phishing is currently one of the most serious cybersecurity threats facing businesses all over the world. To effectively address the issue of phishing, firms should rethink their IT operations and risk-management policies, as phishing attempts are increasing at a rapid rate.