Increasing Cyberattacks on Manufacturing companies

Product manufacturing companies are facing a constant strike of cyberattacks. Morphisec, a US-based software company’s recent research says that 1 out of 5 manufacturing companies has been a victim in the cyberattack.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Trojans, info-stealers, and ransomware attacks were the most commonly seen attacks that hit in March 2020 and March 2021. It takes manufacturing firm victims up to 20 days to recover from an attack which may end up in a significant financial and reputation loss in that period.

The recent attack was on massive meat manufacturing company, JBS that made them shut down five plants both in the US & Australia.

Research shows that manufacturing firms are concentrating only on their product developments. But in this insecure & unpredictable fast-growing world, when remote working has become a is necessary to educate, train employees and incorporate security measures.

Daniel Petrillo, director of security strategy and products at Morphisec, said manufacturing organizations need to conduct basic security hygiene, rather than relying on endpoint protection solutions alone to protect themselves, and noted that training people on security awareness, leveraging native controls, and practicing the principles of least privilege can go a long way toward limiting a manufacturing company’s overall cybersecurity risk.