IoT Cyber security

IoT (Internet of Things) is any networking of a device that connects to the Internet in order to exchange data. Electrical devices to home appliances are now connected and can be controlled remotely through internet, they offer convenience in our everyday lives and can also help boost productivity.

More and more devices being connected to the internet every day and sharing of data through IoT, though offer functionality and convenience, it creates the opportunity for data to be compromised. As the sensitive data is shared by the connected devices the need for device and data security become very important.

Connected devices and networks are at the risk of getting exploited by hackers which may result in huge loss for businesses, loss of personal and sensitive information like passwords, bank details etc. along with the data and information it’s a loss of reputation and trust for businesses, which sometimes may have legal repercussions.

To tackle the security risks and to prevent certain level of threats, it’s important to understand the device, how it works and connects to the network to help asses for possible flaws and security issues. Essential firewalls and security systems must be activated for each device. Personal IoT devices must receive timely patches to correct potential flaws, and company Personnel should be trained in how to use and what type of security measures to be taken to secure company network.

It’s more secure to restrict data sharing. Limiting the collection of data can reduce the chance of external threats hacking in and gaining access to the information.

Maintaining of accurate data of all IoT devices through their life cycle helps in anticipating and correcting any loopholes in software and firmware threats.