Restrict Third-party data sharing: FACEBOOK

Most people in the world have at least one Facebook account, making Facebook one of the biggest advertising platforms.

Facebook has faced a lot of criticism over privacy and data breach controversies, as it collects users information by tracking their activities on internet. Online apps and websites that are used to book hotels, buy groceries, clothes etc. share data with Facebook for targeted ads.

This sharing of data by apps and websites allow advertising companies to predict accurately, the interests and needs of customer.

Facebook rolled out a privacy tool called “off-Facebook Activity” giving users control of their data which is collected by Facebook.

As per Facebook tool ‘’OFF-Facebook activity’’ includes information that businesses and organization’s share with them about customer interactions, such as visiting the website, logging in the app with Facebook. By Clearing Off-Facebook activity from one’s account, history will be disconnected from the account, but Facebook will continue to receive information from the apps and websites visited in the future.

This was launched worldwide on Data protection day on 28 Jan 2020. It shows a summary of information that Facebook holds on user and allows them to delete it.

It will list all the websites and apps that shared your data with Facebook. To see the interactions, either choose specific app, website or Download activity details. Click ‘Clear History’ for removing the history. 

‘Manage Future Activity’ option, will help to restrict Facebook from associating new information with user’s account.

To use off-Facebook activity Tool:

  • Go to Settings & Privacy in Facebook app,
  • Select Off-Facebook Activity,
  • Click Clear History

Facebook plans to shortly prompt its users to review their privacy settings. This allows user to determine who can see their data.